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Our bubble film machines are world-renowned. With their small footprint and numerous configurations we are able to assemble a factory quickly, efficiently and on budget. Our configuration options set us apart with factories that are uniquely customizable and operable by one person. Need more speed and efficiency? We can offer suggestions to optimize your experience. In addition, all machinery is fully installed by our experienced North American-based Plastec team. Your satisfaction is our priority.

2-layer, single screw Bubble Film Machine with Automatic Rewinder

2-layer, double screw Bubble Film Machine with Automatic Rewinder

5-layer, triple screw Bubble Film Machine with Automatic Rewinder

Integrated packaging solutions have been sucessfully installed in numerous facilities around the world and extensively quality tested.

Basic Package

Each bubble film machine comes with standard features, which can be upgraded or added to for improving speed, efficiency and cost savings.


Forming Cylinder 211mm forming cylinder
One Bubble Size of Your Choice 1/2” - North America’s leading bubble size
3/16” - North America’s second most popular bubble size
5/16” - North America’s lowest volume bubble size
Screw Single screw

Additional required peripherals

* Air Compressor
* Temperature controlled water (city water or chiller is sufficient)
* Appropriate power of 380/219Y @ kVA to be determined by your custom build

Recommended Distributor Package Configuration

Not sure where to start? Based on our experience we can recommend a distributor package configuration bubble film machine, the SRT-48, which includes some of the efficiency-enhancing options listed in the following pages. The SRT-48 is a 2-layer single screw machine configured with some of our most popular options.

Model SRT-48: 2-Layer, single screw machine

269mm Cylinders - 3/16” and 1/2”
In-Line Forming Cylinders With Pneumatic Actuated Couplers
Automatic Rewinder
Vacuum Loader
12 Zone Slitter
Edge Trim Recycler
Adjustable Die

The SRT-48 is a great starting point for customers exploring the bubble film business, and comes with options designed to save time and optimize operations. Refer to our options listing for details on each individual upgrade.

* 2-layer, single screw Bubble Film Machine with Automatic Rewinder

Bubble FILM machinery specifications

Three available forming cylinder sizes, three different production capacities
Cylinder Size Speed Bubble Size
211mm 40’ per minute 1/2”
47’ per minute 5/16”
55’ per minute 3/16”
269mm 55’ per minute 1/2”
65’ per minute 5/16”
75’ per minute 3/16”
311mm 65’ per minute 1/2”
75’ per minute 5/16”
85’ per minute 3/16”

Support from start to finish

Pre-order consultation Not all bubble film machines are created equal. There are many variations to consider depending on your business needs. Ensure that you get the machine you expect by discussing your requirements with our experienced team.
Pre-installation inspection Our technicians routinely visit the manufacturing plant to ensure each order meets the required specifications.
Installation Once your machine is delivered, we will dispatch our trained Plastec technicians to fully install your machine and ensure it runs smoothly.
Training Your staff will be thoroughly trained on how to operate your new machine.
Support After your machine is installed, we won’t disappear. We pride ourselves on our after sales support record. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re just a phone call away.

Fast Facts - Bubble Film Machinery

Approximate Footprint 35’ x 45’ (5-layer, 311mm cylinder size, triple screw)
Speed Up to 85’ per minute
Multiple Bubble Sizes Available 3/16”, 5/16” & 1/2” round bubble most common
Efficiency In-line slit and perforation
Cost Effectiveness 12 - 14 lb, 250’, 1/2” roll weight

Bubble Film Machinery Basic Numbers

Quick Math - Average Cost Analysis

As a quick comparison to highlight the benefits of producing your own bubble film, let’s crunch some basic numbers. We’ll focus on a roll of 1/2” bubble film. On average, one roll of 1/2” bubble film approximately sells to distribution for between $28-$32 per roll. So how much can you expect to produce a roll for on average?

Quick Math - 1/2” Roll of Bubble Film

Cost Description Approximate Cost/Roll
Labour $1
Electricity $1
Efficiency In-line slit and perforation
Resin* $10
Overhead $1
Bag, core, label and twist tie <$1.5
Daily start-up and shutdown waste $0.50
(not including machinery)
* At April 2013 resin prices

Concerned about running equipment but still interested in increasing your margin?

Talk to us about joint venture options! You provide the real estate, we run it.

Bubble Film Machinery Options

How options add value

Options are what really set us apart from the rest. While standard models are also popular, options significantly increase efficiency as well as reduce waste and labour costs. With the availablity of in-line slitting and perforation the machine can create retail bundles in one simple step with one operator, regardless of length, slit and perforation requirements. Below are some of the options that will optimize your bubble manufacturing experience.

Available Options

Automatic Rewinder

The automatic rewinder allows for automated changover of finished rolls when the set length is reached. Improves the speed and efficiency of the operation and is strongly recommended.

Vacuum Loader

If using raw material from a gaylord these will replenish the hoppers with resin as it is consumed.

12 Zone Slitter

A total of 13 knives allow for 12 different in-line slitting zones.


An in-line perforator is a must for any business selling full bundles.


Closed loop cooling system.

Air Compressor

3KW, 3-phase air compressor


Step down transformer sized for your particular machine and future growth

In-Line Forming Cylinders With Pneumatic Actuated Couplers

Cylinders can be mounted in-line on the frame allowing for quick and easy bubble size changeover with no removal of the forming cylinders.

Edge Trim Recycler

An edge trim recycler is a great investment. Each 250’ roll produces about 0.3lbs in edge trim scrap but with this feature not only is that waste recovered but the operator is no longer required to empty the two edge trim rewinders.

Adjustable Die

The adjustable die allows the web to be adjusted along the width of the die in a number of zones to allow for a strong edge trim that does not break while minimizing the weight of the roll based on the blend of resin that has been finely tuned for your production requirements.

Additional Screw on main bubble extruder

We offer two screws on the main bubble extruder allowing the operator to adjust the flow of plastic independently for the top and bottom layer of the bubble.

7-Layer Capability

We have the ability to produce up to 7-layer products consisting of up to 5 PE layers and 2 PE coated layers.

Upgraded Unwinding Rack for Multi-Layer Machinery

This upgraded rack holds rolls (one active, one standby) on air cylinders and uses magnetic resistance to keep tension on the rolls with precision.

Narrow Machine

12’ wide narrow footprint.

Custom Printing on Bubble

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